Dog Toy Tester In The Making


I went out and bought Rocky a couple of toys in celebration of his second birthday on May 14. One was a squeaky toy in the shape of a cupcake, complete with icing and a cherry on top. It also had some green icing on it. The other “toy” isn’t really a toy, but was designed to keep a dog occupied for a while by dispensing treats that a human has inserted in the holes for the dog to try and figure out how to get loose.
Sadly, it didn’t last an hour after I put treats in the holes and gave it to him.

Fun, interactive treat dispensing toy

As you can see, it had to go in the garbage as anything plastic is not good for his belly or intestines if he should accidentally swallow a piece. Even more sadly, the cupcake had a similar fate. The first thing to go on the cupcake was the cherry. The squeaker was in where the wrapper would be on a real cupcake. So, I don’t think he got the squeaker out, because when I tried to “inflate” it, it squeaked. Then, the squeaker died. šŸ™
He’s never kept a toy very long. He’s got some strong teeth, and an exceptionally strong jaw. The tug-of-war ropes that are supposed to withstand tugging, chewing and pulling? He’s got them in shreds within three days, and is gnawing at the knot to undo it. And, still wants me to grab ahold of the loose strings to tug!
Forget giving him a stuffed animal. I’ll be picking cotton or whatever it’s stuffed with for about a week, although I could’ve sworn that I got it all the first time. I’d let him have one of those door socks, you know the things that are supposed to keep a draft from coming in at the bottom of your exterior door? I had no idea, until Rocky ripped a hole in it and then got the little bag inside of it open, that it was filled with rocks! Granted, they were small, really small, probably about 10x larger than a grain of sand, but still. All over my carpet. Nor did I know, until my darling pup, at the tender age of 2 1/2 months, opened up other areas on the door sock, that there were several of those little rock bags stuffed inside. I had thought they used lead to keep the socks in place. Was I ever wrong!
Oh, I also bought him a little dog toothbrush bone, and got one for my landlord’s dog, as well as another tenant’s little Maltese. I’m hoping the Maltese got to actually chew his, but I do know that Rocky had his gone in about 3 minutes, and landlord’s dog wasn’t far behind.
I wonder if the companies who design these toys actually test them out with real heavy chewers like Rocky before they ship them to pet stores for sale? Rocky would be a great toy tester… If it doesn’t hold up to his chewing, it wouldn’t be sold.

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